Just Chillin’

On that same note, when money comes and goes from the NFT space on the reg, it’s important that people have a place to just chill out a little. The blockchain is supposed to be fun. What’s the point in dreaming up a narrative about self-aware Bunnies if we can’t have a laugh about stuff.
That’s what Homies are for.

A Bigger Picture

Maybe they all say it, or maybe we’re just in-tune to it. But we’re serious about building something that reaches beyond the NFT world. This project is just the foundation, the one thing you can all come back to when we’re bouncing higher than ever.
Homies are for life.

What followed was absolute carnage, but it was quite entertaining all the same.

When you’ve been kept in cages and tested on for most of your life, you’re bound to let loose a little when you taste that sweet, sweet freedom; so that’s exactly what the bunnies did. It started with a little bit of hip hop (understandably), and then developed into a whole host of things.

Cars, clubs and quite a lot of Carrot Juice became their new way of life – and who can blame them? The human’s gave them their own town (probably out of guilt, or fear), which they adequately named Hoptropolis.

Now the Bunnies are just chilling, with their Homies – and they’ve invited you along.