Let me break it down for you, real quick.

When the world’s leading scientists began testing a new fat reduction serum on bunnies, they were expecting a bit of a breakthrough. What they weren’t expecting was for the bunnies to become self-aware, and develop a consciousness similar to that of humans… But they did.

Step into Hoptropolis

You ever wondered what life would be like as a self-aware bunny? Well, Hoptropolis is home to 7575 of them, and it’s a blast. Their world is powered by the Solana blockchain – because SOL is hot af. If you find yourself bouncing with excitement, then bounce right on over here – because it’s about to get good.

Bunnies N Homies

Our Vision:

Seeing in the Dark

You know how they say eating carrots will help you see in the dark? We might have taken that a little bit too seriously. We wanted to create an NFT project that could see right through crypto’s dark times and come out the other end unscathed. Someone has gotta be Solana’s savior in those rough times.

Oh, and we don’t eat carrots. It’s carrot juice around here.

Roadmap Bunnies N Homies

01: Initial Launch

We’ll launch our collection of 7575 Bunnies N Homies NFTs,and implement a holder verification system. Following a successful sellout, we’ll launch our staking platform and create a DAO for future utility. We’ll also introduce our $VIBEZ token, and begin preparation for its rollout.

02: Royalty Distribution

Royalties will be split into two categories, both ensuring the long-term success of the project.

– 50% of the royalties will go into a liquidity pool, which will be used to maintain the value of $VIBEZ
– 50% of the royalties will go to the community wallet, which will be governed by holders using our DAO.

03: Collaboration & Growth

Our marketing team will be continuously making sure that our social media remains up-to-date, and that we maintain constant output. Our efforts will be combined with an effective marketing campaign, and a range of top-level collaborations to ensure that our project keeps growing, and the hype continues to build.

As a part of our growth, we’ll also offer continuous giveaways to keep our community happy.

04: $VIBEZ Rollout

Our exclusive $VIBEZ token will be made available to holders, and allow them to take part in a range of activities, such as:

– Purchasing merchandise from our merch store
– Participate in raffles to win bluechip NFTs
– Mutate your NFT (details to be confirmed 👀 )
– Even more utility TBA

05: The Future

The future of our project can be found in the Metaverse, in the form of our Bunnies N Homies Mansion. This will be a social space initially, and a place for holders to connect and take part in games and events.

But this isn’t the end of our story…

Utility: Kitting out the Crew

Psst… Hey… Come in here real quick, and don’t say a peep. Word on the street is, these Bunnies come with some interesting add-ons. I’ll let you know what I heard, but try to keep it a secret… yeah?

Bunnies N Homies are all about protecting the $VIBES, and they’re doing just that with the introduction of their token. Every successful economy has a currency, right? They’ll be using that token to let their community redeem some great rewards; whitelist spots for dope projects, flashy merchandise, you know the drill.

The whole project is for the Homies too, with a DAO that decides on direction and some plans for a legit social Metaverse – done properly. We’ve heard some rumors about Carrot Juice too, but the plans for that seem too crazy to mention just yet…

Legendary Bunnies

Turns out, the Bunnies in the lab had been taking all kinds of crazy chemicals. That’s how we ended up with some of these Legendary Bunnies. They might look a little bit insane, but they’re actually quite cool once you get to know them.



Ambitions higher than a bunny’s bounce.


Dotting the T’s, and crossing your eyes… Admin style.


Keeping the Discord Degens in check.


Non Fungible Talent. The hand behind the art.


Making everything else look dope.


Making everything sound as dope as it looks.


Vibe crafter. Community chameleon.


The man in the chair. Tech-savvy.

What followed was absolute carnage, but it was quite entertaining all the same.

When you’ve been kept in cages and tested on for most of your life, you’re bound to let loose a little when you taste that sweet, sweet freedom; so that’s exactly what the bunnies did. It started with a little bit of hip hop (understandably), and then developed into a whole host of things.

Cars, clubs and quite a lot of Carrot Juice became their new way of life – and who can blame them? The human’s gave them their own town (probably out of guilt, or fear), which they adequately named Hoptropolis.

Now the Bunnies are just chilling, with their Homies – and they’ve invited you along.

Just Chillin’

On that same note, when money comes and goes from the NFT space on the reg, it’s important that people have a place to just chill out a little. The blockchain is supposed to be fun. What’s the point in dreaming up a narrative about self-aware Bunnies if we can’t have a laugh about stuff.
That’s what Homies are for.

A Bigger Picture

Maybe they all say it, or maybe we’re just in-tune to it. But we’re serious about building something that reaches beyond the NFT world. This project is just the foundation, the one thing you can all come back to when we’re bouncing higher than ever.
Homies are for life.